The Design Build Process begins with the Conceptual Design Phase, in which potential clients typically visit us at our office in Bondville, VT. We will walk your building site with you to gather information and then share ideas with you from the many home projects we have completed. Our intent is to make sure we completely understand your goals for the project. Working closely with our client and professional timber frame designer allows us to produce conceptual floor plans and building elevations customized to your building site. This interactive process ensures that our clients get a home that meets their needs, suits their lifestyle and satisfies their sense of aesthetics. If a client already has a set of building plans, we can tailor them to their building site or modify if necessary. At the end of the Conceptual Design Phase, we offer our client construction cost details and a construction timeline.

The Wadsworth Company has a team of design consultants and building subcontractors that we employ throughout the Design Build Process. Our subcontractors understand our methods, our systems and take the same pride in their work as we do. The Wadsworth Company works to make the construction process as satisfying for our clients as it is for us. Regular discussions are encouraged as we work out details and schedules. The construction process can be complex, and we are happy to guide you through it from beginning to end so you're comfortable at every phase of the process. We keep our clients updated with in-progress photos of their home that Rob emails on a regular basis. We have found that email is an excellent way to communicate the progress and success of a home under construction. Our success depends on our clients getting the home they want in a timely and friendly manner, and built in a way they will cherish for a lifetime.