Design / Build

At The Wadsworth Company, we like to work with our clients using a Design / Build approach. This allows us full oversight of the project from start to finish, providing our clients with the highest quality finished home possible.


We typically start the home building process with conceptual design, or sometimes referred to as schematic design. In this phase, we will meet with you at our office in Bondville, VT or through an online meeting to discuss your needs and goals with the project. If you already have a set of building plans, we can tailor them to your building site or modify them as necessary.

If you are unsure where to start with the design of your new home our team of talented designers and subcontractors can help. Our designers will work with you to establish what is called a program, essentially a list of spaces and features you would like to have in your new home.

We will then walk your building site with you to gather information and share ideas about the overall design of the site. Some things we typically address when visiting a site are; the orientation of the building and the sun, any views you would like to capture or avoid, the location of utilities and services, and any setbacks, easements, or environmental concerns.

Our intent is to make sure we completely understand your goals for the project before setting forth with a finalized design, schedule or budget. Our designers will then work with you through an iterative process to develop conceptual floor plans and elevations customized to your building site. These plans will be used to establish a scope and budget for the project. We strive to make this process as enjoyable and interactive as possible while ensuring our clients receive a home that not only meets their needs but suits their lifestyle and sense of aesthetics.

Once the design phase is complete we will supply a detailed construction budget and project timeline.


We understand the construction process can be complex, and we are happy to guide you through it from start to finish ensuring you’re comfortable every step of the way. We consider our subcontractors to be family and they fully understand our means and methods. They take the same pride in their work as we do.

The construction process typically starts with site work and excavation then moves onto foundation and concrete work. Once the concrete cures our crew will move onto framing your new home. While we specialize in timber frame construction we also have extensive experience in stick framing, panelized systems, and prefabricated systems. We will work with you to identify which method is right for your project and budget. After framing is complete we will then move onto the interior finish work and exterior cladding. We also offer full-service custom cabinetry and furniture to compliment your new home.

We will provide you with regular project updates and photos at specified intervals. Our success depends on you getting the home you want in a timely and friendly manner, and built to cherish for a lifetime.